Dennis Moorby

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I have well over fifty years of business experience, both as a responsible line director manager and also in the practice and execution of consulting. I have plied my trade in Asia, America and Europe and in both the English and German speaking environment. 

In addition, over the last thirty years I have turned my attention inwards. Examined my own psychological traits and those of many others. I practice meditation and Tai Chi, developing mindfulness and applying these skills to the art and science of business.

The combination of business experience and awareness of who it is that is playing the business game, is a powerful combination of skills. 


With my extensive background and experience, I can help leaders find solutions and pinpoint opportunities across the full spectrum of business. 

I have particular experience in startup situations, troubleshooting and in generational handover. 

I focus on how to achieve satisfaction from the business experience and at the same time obtain optimum profitability. 

A particular emphasis are the vital statistics generated by the business, as they are the basis for knowing how to achieve future growth and profits. 

The realities of team building and staff management naturally fall from my skill portfolio.

The many facets of aware, ethical and sustainable business are a passion for me. 



The early implementation of best business practice (and knowing what that is) is very helpful in establishing a foundation that will effectively support exponential growth. 


In the normal rhythms of business development existential problems and the attendant opportunities are likely occurrences. Management through these stress-points in business life, present the potential to identify meaningful and profitable changes in the company’s direction. 


Handing over the management or ownership of an established company is a delicate process that calls for specialised expertise. The company is uniquely vulnerable in such a process, particularly as is often the case, a change in the emphasis of the business also needs to be accomplished.

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